List of supporting documents for a spouse/fiancee visa
(as supplied by the British consulate Kiev, April 2000 - and still current as of November 2001)

(N.b. this document is addressed to the applicant, not the sponsor)

  1. A copy of the pages of your spouse's/fiancee's passport, showing personal details and citizenship or resident status and all the other pages, containing stamps, indicating trips where you were together.
  2. Your internal passport.
  3. Original and a copy of your Marriage certificate (if appropriate).
  4. Original and a copy of your/your fiancee's Divorce certificate (if appropriate).
  5. A notarized letter from your former spouse stating that he/she does not object to his/her child/children setting in the United Kingdom with you.
  6. Tax papers, showing your sponsor is taxed as a single person.
  7. Proof of accommodation in the UK (for example a Rental Contract or Building Society letter if a homeowner). Normally the sponsor and yourself will need to occupy the accommodation exclusively and it should be large enough for both of you.
  8. Proof of your spouse's/fiancee's employment and income in the UK (e.g. a letter from his/her employer).
  9. Proof of your spouse's/fiancee's savings in the UK (recent bank statements or recent Building Society statements).
  10. Letters from your employer or immediate supervisor quoting the length of your service, your salary, and the position you hold (held) in the organization for the past 5 years.
  11. Evidence of any additional family income, beyond the described in point 9 (if any).
  12. If you are a student, evidence of your income - testimony to your grant - and a letter from your parents (or other financial backers here) stating their continuing willingness to fund you and their own documents, as at 8 and 9 above.
  13. Evidence of length and depth of relationship (letters, phone bills, photographs etc.).


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